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Explorer Learning Academy is an off-shoot of Nazirite Communications that focuses on individual and corporate Capacity Development Programmes. Training is key to performance and productivity. To stay on the cutting edge of industry development, continuous learning is not negotiable. Training and development enhance operational efficiency, acquaint with industry-standard best practices, and give stronger understanding of industry therefore performing producing well-rounded workforce.

Our Trainings


  1. Brand Management in a Digital Age  (Professional Class)
  2. Brand Management in a Digital Age  (Executive Class)
  3. Digital Marketing
  4. Digital Strategy  (Executive Class)
  5. Reputation Management
  6. Brand Strategy
  7. Branding A-Z

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“You just don’t have the money to pay for training”? No, that isn’t true; you do have money to pay for training, and you are not too busy to learn something new right now.

Our Promise: At Nazirite, we steadfastly agree on mutual-beneficial terms centered on producing satisfied customers; and you can be assured of a rewarding relationship and value exchanging experience with us at all times.

Corporate Trainings

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